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Square Footage Analysis is a Practical Next Step to Life Safety Plans.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Facilities managers have one of the most complex jobs. Every day a new set of user challenges to address, facility equipment to fix, and the health and safety of patrons to protect.

A team of critical thinkers, the facility's group makes operating square footage manageable, but the pressure on these teams to keep operations on track at all times is challenging. Could something as simple as analyzing square footage alleviate some strain?

Square footage analysis is no longer limited to office spaces. Healthcare facilities across the country are undergoing what some may call the most strenuous analysis of square footage in an effort for cost savings, efficiencies, and better operational investment.

The need to sprawl out at hospitals is slowing as more and more care becomes available outside the hospital and in the community. Historically, hospitals have operated to serve many in one place. As care continues to shift to additional locations, hospitals are taking this moment to analyze their centralized footprint and get strategic about their real estate, the overall quality of patient care, and investing smartly to improve the work environment for those providing care.

Life safety plans are not always the first place an operational team might think to start the square footage analysis. However, life safety plans are often the most up-to-date floor plans available to a facilities team and the foundation for so much more operationally within the facility.

We have seen firsthand how a robust set of accurate life safety plans can provide operational clarity.

In our building assessments, we often notice that beyond the inaccurate fire safety features, there are room name discrepancies, missing architectural elements, and incorrect square footage analysis. These things are essential to the facilities team's ability to provide quality operations. For that reason, due to the latest shift to analyzing hospital footprints, facilities departments are enlisting us to assess and collect more of this data in our building assessments.

The life safety plan now provides even more foundational support to the facilities teams' work, making it easier to make informed operational decisions using real-time data. In the fight for good data – square footage analysis is a practical next step to life safety plans.

Let us help you take your current floor plans to the next level of accuracy and the hospital footprint to the next level of efficiency.


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