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We illustrate the path to safety so that compliance is a breeze.

At Life Safety Architects, we protect and honor the safety of life.

We respond.
We show up.
We deliver.


 Life safety planning whenever and wherever you need us. When we show up at your facility, we open every door, locate every exit path, measure changes, and provide clear, concise, and accurate life safety plans. 


Our pledge is to provide accuracy and precision in life safety assessments and drawings. With our expertise and attention to detail, we help safeguard and illustrate your facility’s response to emergencies, ensuring life safety planning is never the reason you can’t find your way to compliance.


We work with facilities around the country to deliver impeccable, accurate, and unified life safety plans. You can count on us to complete a seamless project so you can feel at ease and fully prepared for upcoming surveys.


We take compliance seriously, recognizing that doing our job right warrants the safety of life for millions. You can count on us to respond, show up, and deliver quality life safety planning whenever you need us.

It’s our job to be good at our job.

We take every measure to be up to date on code, compliance, and statistics so that when you call us, you don’t have to question competence.

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Let us help you sail through your CMS compliance survey. Simply send us a quick note through the contact form, and we look forward to connecting!


Please attach your most recent plan drawings or life safety plans in both PDF and AutoCAD format.  

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